What is, what it is not and what may be the quipu , according to their researchers

The quipu is not a phonetic form of writing that can be “read” as if each element of its construction (knots, colors, yarns, etc.) represents a sound.

The quipu could be considered a writing system in the broadest sense of the word: a given set of visual (or tactile) signals arranged to contain meanings.

The quipu is a three-dimensional notation system. Unlike writing, which requires instruments to be captured, tactile information is transmitted through torsion, colors combinations and knotting cords.

The quipu could probably register syllabic elements, names and non-numeric or narrative data.

The quipu is not an instrument for calculating numerical data, as some have stated. Apparently, for this purpose, the Inkas used a system with stones similar to the abacus, called yupana.