Cone-shaped hat from Arica

This type of cone-shaped hat is made from the top down, starting with a small circle of yarn. Using a cactus-needle or metal hook, fine camelid yarn is wound around a thicker multi-ply cord, which provides the circular form. The first rows of the spiral produce the upper disc of the hat, which usually was an undyed brown color. The body of the hat is made by adding rows onto the spiral at a different angle, in a combination of natural and/or dyed colors, depending on the desired design. At the place where the top disc joins the body of the hat a special “whipping” cord is wrapped on to finish off the disc. Some of these hats have cords inserted onto each side to allow the hat to be tied under the chin, and some have bunches of feathers protruding on top, attached inside with a cactus needle or knot.

By: Carlos Silva