Download recordings of the Permanent Exhibition display texts in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish here. These audioguides are in mp3 format and are arranged by cultural area, following the same order as our exhibit galleries.

Masterpieces room

Bodily adornment in intermediate
Death and power in art of the southern andes
Men and women in mesoamerican art
Bottles in Central Andean art
Bronxe bell
The faces of Mesoamerican
Standing personage
Hombre felino
Warrior king

Mesoamerica Room

The Guardian
Stonework from western Mexico
The sun god in the world of the dead
Mesoamerican mask
Companions in death
Shamanism in Mesoamerica
Pedestal censer
Civilization in central Mexico
Maya art
Women and fertility of the land
Women and fertility of the land
The Olmec originof civilization
Maya writing and political power
The gran Nicoya
The ball game
The Xipe Totec cult
Costa Rica in prehistory

Intermediate Room

Coqueros from northen Ecuador
Clay bottles and bodies
Manta seats and sitting
Central american gold
Designe and meaning in cocle pottery
Art and imagination
Figurines from ancient Ecuador
The first ceramic makers

Southern Andes Room

The conservation of the dead in Chinchorro
Monochrome and polychrome in the desert
The place of the souls
Northwestern Argemtina and its area of influence
Minimalism in diaguita ceramics
The power of stone
Chile under Inka rule
Headdresses and identity in northern Chile

Central Andes Room

Moche masters of dead
The rebirth of and ancient tradiction
Chavin and it`s influence
Gold and silver at the andes
Bright animals and dull plants
Arquitecture and the environment
Moche metalurgy
Identity in chancays pottery
Decapitators and cutoff heads
Nasca color and fantasy in clay
Wari and tiwanaku

Textil Room

High art in the Pre-columbian Andes
Weaving in early andean civilization
Woven in life to honor the dead
Andean textile technology
Textile materials and instruments
Cordage and braiding woven with a single warp
Looped mesh and netting woven with a single weft
Plain weave warp and weft woven structures
Gauze weave and reticular weave
Weft faced weave tapestry
Color application textile painting and resist dyeing
Double and triple cloth weaving
Chimu ceremonial costume
The power of attire in the andes
The Andes a weaving civilization


Art from the tropical jungle


Chamanism in the Caribbean