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Scepter head – bird-shaped rattle

This metal rattle comes from the Chimú culture, which inhabited the northern coast of modern-day Peru. The piece is from the time of Inca domination over the Chimú, between 1470 and 1532 CE.

It is an idiophonic instrument, one which produces sound when moved. The piece –which was used as the head of a wooden scepter– is composed of a tube, open at one end and closed off at the other with a large disk. From this disk dangle fourteen rings, each of which has a small rattle attached to it. The main tube continues beyond this disk, ending with a rectangular cutoff. On top is another disk, also with fourteen rings, on top of which is a solid metal ornament in the shape of a bird.

This piece was made in a mold using the lost wax method.

Dimensions: 1850 mm high x 640 mm long x 640 mm wide (approx 72” x 25” x 25”).

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