This rattle, made from seeds, cotton fibers and the wool of camelids (llamas and llama-like animals), was produced by the people of the Arica culture, who inhabited the northern coast of modern-day Chile between 1100 and 1470 CE.

The instrument is idiophonic, that is, it makes a sound when moved. It is made from a wooden stick bent into a figure-8, creating two loops. The smaller loop is the handle, while the larger one and the point where they meet are wrapped in textile fibers. Seeds hang from the larger loop also, each cut at one end. Most are large pieces of seeds, but some pieces are smaller. Both large and small seem to be parts of the same individual seeds.

Dimensions: 300 mm high x 105 mm long x 20 mm wide (approx 12” x 4” x 1”).

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