The first model of the costume’s support made between 2000 and 2003 (Digital drawing, José Pérez de Arce)

The support’s model designed to a scale of 1:1 to study the display and positioning of the ceremonial costume’s three pieces

Current support in which the ceremonial costume is exhibited (Digital drawing, A. Irarrázabal

The development of the support base

We spent three years (2000-2003) discussing what might be the best solution for mounting the pieces. We made two models of paper and wire, reformulating the first to allow for the proper placement of the short skirt. We finally arrived at a second proposal that produced fewer wrinkles in that sector.

Once we were in agreement on a methodology that guaranteed conservation and took into account the necessary forms of interpreting the material and exhibiting it, we built a model to a 1:1 scale in order to study the draping of the three pieces. In order to carry out the experiments, we made a replica of the costume in raw cotton, which enabled us to control all the aspects of its placement, the fall of the garments, and the structure of the support in the intermediate phases.