The chief attire

Attire of a Paracas chief

The attire of elite male members of Paracas society included the following items of clothing: 1) A long band of cloth wound around the head like a turban and sometimes decorated with a plume of feathers; 2) A second, narrower band of cloth wound on top of the first, sometimes with another turban of light cloth or a fox or deer hide; 3) A large rectangular cape or mantle covering the shoulders and arms; 4) A short poncho; 5) A tunic or uncu with sides sewn shut; 6) A skirt wound several times around the waist and tied with long cords; 7) A loincloth; and 8) Sandals, probably made of leather.

The women are believed to have worn long tunics attached at the shoulders with large brooches, or a skirt and shorter tunic with a horizontal neck slit.